• At golden grace inter the client comes first

  • Put your goods in our hands, you go to sleep while we do the worring

  • We will give you the power to track your goods while on the move till destination

  • Here at Golden Grace we let the client descide how their goods get to destination either air sea or land...

Golden Grace International S.L


Welcome to Golden Grace International S.L., We are specialized in providing multifunctional integrated services with reliable logistics network for our customers.


Our Company continues to achieve a faster, higher and further intensive Standard, we are committed to meet client's requirement and give out our competitive solution and create new opportunities for ourselves and for our customers.

Golden Grace International S.L. has established itself as a total logistics operator, with its advanced and modern facility, here at Golden Grace International S.L.; we have cultivated a team of aggressive but practical minded staff. Over the years, the team has become the solid foundation of the company in providing high quality and efficient services to its customers

Our endeavour is to continuously strive in providing our customers with the very best in freight logistics without compromise to quality or service. We enjoy what we do, and respect our customers and partners. Our customers enjoy our relationship and service.


Our Mission:

Our Mission is to create value and supply added value service for our customers by providing excellent operation processes, professional information systems and innovative ideas to our customers.

“Provide the best quality of services, select the best shipment routing by air and sea, choose the safest carrier(s), minimize the transportation cost for our customers” Read more>>